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Canary Islands Photo Fakeout: That Restaurant View Isn't What You Think

What's better than experiencing a stunning sea view from the comfort of your hotel? Taking in that same view while fueling up on tasty grub and refreshing cocktails. After all, there's nothing quite like relaxing and letting someone else do the cooking, especially when you can enjoy your meal with a side of ocean views, as shown on Blue Sea Costa Teguise Beach Apartments' website. That being said, there's also nothing more disappointing than arriving at your hotel only to realize the view you saw on the website is not aligned with the one you're greeted with in person. That's why we're unveiling this photo fakeout we came across at the all-inclusive resort in the Canary Islands. We apologize in advance for being the bearer of bad news, but while the website shows a sea view from the restaurant, in reality, it overlooks the pool area and one of the hotel's buildings. 

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