Are the Faroe Islands This Year’s Newest Vacation Hot Spot?


There are several reasons why you may not have heard of the Faroe Islands, a self-governing nation that’s technically still part of Denmark. The archipelago of 18 islands, which sits roughly at the halfway point between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic, is small, relatively remote, and home to more sheep than people (70,000 versus 50,000, respectively). That said, while it has managed to fly under the radar for a long time, it seems like one of Europe’s best-kept secrets is out.

Vagar Airport, located on the Faroe Islands, recently reported that it has experienced record-breaking growth this year. In July, more than 51,000 tourists funneled in and out of the airport (a 20 percent increase from the same time last year). What’s more, this upward trend has been occurring all year -- approximately 201,000 passengers traveled through the airport in the first seven months of 2017 (up 15 percent from 2016). 


Assisting this rise are airlines like Atlantic Airways, among others, which have added direct routes to the destination. Other Nordic locales, such as Iceland and Copenhagen, are also a short distance away, only adding to the appeal.

However, the islands have a long list of traits that make them worthy of a visit in their own right. Gorgeous landscapes -- dramatic cliffs, rugged coastlines, lush valleys, and jaw-dropping fjords included -- 22 hours of sunlight in the summer, stunning wildlife that includes puffins, outdoor music and food festivals, hiking opportunities, and tasty local food, are all among the top draws. 

For all those reasons and more, we recommend booking a trip here, stat, as it’s only going to get more popular. Then, you can be the judge of whether the archipelago lives up to its official slogan “unspoiled, unexplored, unbelievable.”

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