Video: Discover Jamaica's Stunning Blue Hole

Jacalyn Engler/Flickr

You might have heard of some of the great blue holes of the world -- some of the most famous are in Belize, Egypt, and the Bahamas. These large marine sinkholes are a diver's paradise. Well, Jamaica doesn't have that type of blue hole, but it does have an amazing swimming hole with the same name. Located in the hills surrounding Ocho Rios, the Blue Hole isn't quite as crowded as Dunn's River Falls (yet), making for a more peaceful escape. The swimming hole is filled with surreal turquoise water, and you can jump off the small ledges or waterfalls into it. Since the Blue Hole is a bit off the beaten path, we highly recommending hiring a guide to take you there. Plus, don't miss the nearby Island Gully Falls -- it's just a 10-minute hike away.

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