Where to Stay in the Caribbean Based on Your Relationship Status

Destinations in the Caribbean have a lot of things in common -- beaches, blue seas, and warm weather. Whether you are single or have been married for 30 years, there's a place for you among the many paradises of the Caribbean. We hope that you enjoy our list of great places to stay in the Caribbean based on your relationship status, as we truly believe this magical place can help you find love or help it to grow. 

Single: Negril, Jamaica

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Negril, Jamaica, is a perfect getaway for those who are single and ready to mingle. Seven Mile Beach is lined with plenty of all-inclusive resorts, where bars and clubs play the sweet tunes of reggae. It isn't hard to walk along the beautiful sandy beaches and run into other groups of single friends laying out, swimming in the ocean, or playing sand volleyball. Hedonism II is famously known to attract adults with their nude-friendly areas, theme nights, and live music. Visit Rick’s Café, as it brings tons of people together for good drinks, food, and stunning feats of cliff diving. 

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Just Started Dating: Cancun, Mexico

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Just started dating your significant other? It can be a little nerve-wracking to take your first vacation together, but a trip to Cancun, Mexico, is a good introductory trip to your relationship. Cancun is the type of place you want to visit if you want to have fun and bond together, rather than placing too much romantic pressure on yourselves. In 2017 alone, Cancun has already received about five million visitors, many from the U.S. as direct flights to the Caribbean getaway are readily available from major cities. A three-night stay at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun is perfect for new couples as your food, drinks, and daily and nightly activities are included in the rate.

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Long-Term Dating: Eleuthera, Bahamas

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Fast forward a year or two (or five!) to when you're in a serious relationship looking to take a romantic trip. Eleuthera, Bahamas, is the perfect place to go. Imagine pink and white sandy beaches, charming colonial villages, and fields of pineapples -- that’s what you’ll find in Eleuthera! Sure, the island has some large resorts, but for the most part, Eleuthera has the right kind of sophistication to satisfy your serious relationship vibe, and with plenty of hidden coves, imagine the romantic beach walks you and your loved one can enjoy. 

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Engaged: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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The engagement period of any relationship can sometimes get a bit stressful. There’s a wedding to plan, bachelorette and bachelor parties to schedule, and the logistics of moving in together or trying to get your family to get along. So when you feel the wedding anxiety kick in, take a trip together and refocus on yourselves in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Your engagement trip should be anything but stressful, and many major hubs have direct flights to Punta Cana, an area filled with plenty of all-inclusive, beachfront resorts (perhaps, adult-only is a good choice, too) that can take care of your dining and drink needs, and spa services (you know you need a massage). And if you need to get off the resort one day, there are lots of golf courses, casinos, and cultural adventure trips available. 

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Honeymoon: St. Lucia

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The volcanic island of St. Lucia provides stunning mountain backdrops, great scuba diving, sandy beaches, and a history with chocolate -- all of which are perfect for a scenic, fun, and tasty honeymoon. Honeymooners might want to splurge on one of the luxury resorts on the island, like the breathtaking Jade Mountain, with its open-air suites and romantic private infinity pools set atop a cliff; Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort, which sits on beautiful white sands beneath the Pitons spires; or Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort, an all-inclusive property that will have your every need catered to.

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Early Marriage: Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

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Turks & Caicos is slowly becoming known as a beautiful hidden getaway in the Caribbean. Before the secret gets out, book a romantic anniversary trip to the island of Providenciales. There are plenty of upscale and boutique beachfront hotels, and those on or near Grace Bay Beach are especially delightful as it’s often named as one of the most gorgeous beaches of the Caribbean. Snorkel, take romantic walks, have a spa day together, hike to old ruins, visit the Conch Farm, or just enjoy great sunsets with drinks in hand. Providenciales has so much to see and do for loving couples celebrating their marriage. 

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Married for 20 Years: Curacao

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You and your love have lived through so much together -- years of buying houses, raising kids, working busy jobs, struggling through financial woes -- all the things that come with creating a life together. You deserve a relaxing vacation, one that lets you reconnect. Curacao is a very much under-the-radar travel destination. It doesn’t see as much action as its neighbor, Aruba, and that’s what makes it perfect. It’s less crowded but still has beautiful sandy beaches and clear blue waters. Willemstad is the capital of the island and a UNESCO heritage city with colorful buildings. Experience the floating market (a market on boats), scuba dive in the Shete Boka National Park, or explore hidden beaches and uninhabited islands off the coast. 

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