13 Cheesy Vacation Photos Everyone Takes

Perhaps the greatest thing about social media’s invasion of every aspect of our lives is the steady proliferation of vacation photos that wind up our feeds. On one hand, there are those that engage us in new destinations, inspire envious wanderlust, and give us the chance to instantly see the places that friends and family are exploring. On the other hand, it’s about spotting the cheesy vacation photos that many Instagrammers can’t do without. From classic hot dog legs to propped up leaning towers, here are 13 of our favorite cheesy vacation photos that everyone takes.

1. The Leaning Tower of Pisa Push


The reason that some cheesy vacation photos become international classics is because however many times you see them, they still tickle that part of the brain reserved for guilty pleasures. Holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa is one such image, and we’re not too proud to say we love it, though it’s not so fun when you’re surrounded by tourists recreating the trick. 

2. The Grand Canyon Yogi

While overlooking one of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders, the Grand Canyon, many feel the need to meditate (or pretend to meditate, at least) by assuming the Sukhasana yoga pose.

3. Hot Dog Legs

Cha gia Jose/Flickr

This next cheesy vacation photo became so popular that it spawned its own ‘hot dog legs versus actual hot dogs’ craze. The idea here is that when you’re lying down flat with your feet planted on the ground, your legs resemble hot dogs. Even better is when people put mustard on their legs to complete the look. 

4. The Eiffel Tower Pinch

Vincent Lock/Flickr

Like the Leaning Tower of Pisa shot, the Eiffel Tower or Louvre pinch is all about perspective. From our perspective, this is a great -- albeit cheesy -- way to make a holiday memory, though others might disagree. 

5. Plane Wings

Phil Roeder/Flickr

Nothing clogs up an Instagram feed like pictures of plane wings snapped from the air. While these shots focus on the wing, the truth is they’re really all about the clouds or sunset that lie beyond the aircraft.  

6. The Jumping Photo

Pedro Ribeiro Simoes/Flickr

The jumping photo is a popular group (or solo) shot, and while it’s certainly ubiquitous, the skill it takes to choreograph the image is nothing to be sniffed at. Prepare for questions like “I thought we were jumping on three, not after three.”  

7. The Red Telephone Box

Francisco Rojas/Flickr

According to the BBC, in 1992, before the popularity of mobile phones, there were 92,000 red telephone boxes in the U.K. Now, there are just 40,000, with plans to scrap half of those, so next time you’re in London, get a picture before it’s too late. 

8. Mickey Mouse in Times Square

Adrian Scottow/Flickr

The only thing cheesier than snapping a photo in a red phone booth in London is capturing a shot in Times Square with Mickey Mouse. And yet we’ve done it. 

9. The Trevi Fountain Coin Toss

Glenn J. Mason/Flickr

As old as Rome’s Trevi Fountain is, it’s only natural that there are legends attached to it. For instance, throw one coin over your right shoulder to ensure you return to Rome in the future. Throw two coins in and you’ll find new romance. Throw three coins in and it will lead to marriage. Throw four coins and you can take a cheesy photo to capture the event. 

10. Kissing the Sphinx

emi moriya/Flickr

It may be a little weathered now, but you still get the rough idea that the Sphinx of Giza was a beauty back in its day -- around 4,500 years ago. Despite centuries of corrosion, people still can’t resist planting imaginary kisses on the mythical creature. 

11. The Guidebook Photo

Leon Brocard/Flickr

When the trusted guidebook does its job, and leads you to a city’s gems, the best way to reward it is by including it in a photo. If you’re a frequent traveler, guidebook photos are also a good way to remember where you were when looking back. 

12. The Artsy Reflection in Your Sunglasses

Paula Rey/Flickr

Big with snowboarders, but equally popular with everyone else, the sunglasses reflection shot puts an artsy, but cheesy, spin to your vacation snaps. 

13. The Long, Straight Road

Chuck Coker/Flickr

Another one of our favorites is the long, straight road leading to the horizon. It never gets old, and is best captured on a cross-country road trip with nothing coming the other way. 

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