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SoHo, New York City, New York
Want to be served food prepared by a celebrity chef — while in your PJs? A growing number of hotels across New York City are now offering just that. After you’ve doled out a cool $600 for a truly sumptuous room, it can be hard to leave. And when New York City’s world-class cuisine can come right to your door, you don’t have to. So if you’re dreaming of dining on the creations of Jean-Georges Vongerichten or Daniel Boulud while snuggled up watching reruns, you’re in luck. Check out our list of the most decadent room service in New York City. First up, the Mercer Hotel. The Mercer's 75 loft-style guest rooms, beautiful staff, stylish lobby/lounge, personalized service, and swanky SoHo location make it a go-to choice for celebrities and other fashionable members of the entertainment industry. Notables who prefer to dine away from prying eyes can order dishes like black truffle and fontina cheese pizza ($18) or lobster sauteed in salted butter ($45) from Jean-George's Mercer Kitchen 24 hours a day.

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