Rockhouse Hotel 4.0

Negril, Jamaica
At Oyster, when we say rustic, we don’t mean camping. We mean intimate, deliberately simple bungalows with lots of wood and stone, breath-stopping views, serene locations, and a bohemian spirit. It’s no surprise that Jamaica, a land of brilliant reggae, jerk chicken, blue lagoons, rugged cliffs, and the motto “No problem, mon” — as much a way of life as a maxim — has mastered the art of rustic. At the beautiful, unique bungalows at The Caves, Tensing Pen, Jake’s, and Rockhouse, guests can truly connect with Jamaica’s culture and natural wonders. First up, The Rockhouse Hotel. The lush, laid-back Rockhouse creates a holistic haven — gourmet dining, morning yoga, cliffside loungers, a premium spa, no kids under 12, and beautiful eco-appropriate design. But most astounding are the reasonable rates. (The slightly chicer Caves costs about three times more.)

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