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Seaside, Oregon Coast, Oregon
This takes the "under the sea" theme a little too far.

Around the World in 16 Ugly Bedspreads(1 of 16)

 This takes the "under the sea" theme a little too far.
This takes the "under the sea" theme a little too far. Clashing yellow curtains do little to distract from the acid wash look of this '80s bedspread. It's hard to believe these cheap patchworks bedspreads are found in one of the most stylish neighborhoods in New York City. Not only are these jarring striped bedspreads offensive, but the fact that they cover two mattresses pushed together to make one uncomfortable king-size bed is pretty annoying, too. While most of the rooms at this lodge-themed hotel have been updated with thick white duvets, the colorful and scratchy bedspread in the Standard King room looks completely out of place in a log cabin setting. Dark floral bedspreads lead us to believe that housekeeping staff is attempting to hide stains. Just, no. You know you've made poor decorating choices when the crib bedding looks more appealing than the purple and gold (we're being nice) bedspread on the "adult" bed. Faded black and gray curlicues are an odd choice for an ocean-facing room near the beach. A boldly ugly bedding choice doesn't distract from the uninspired room. This is the kind of bedspread we'd politely fold up and tuck in a drawer, hoping to forget we ever saw it. If only the brown bed runners covered up the entire '70s-style, shiny bedspread. Fish belong in the ocean, not on a bedspread. The blue-and-white fabric might work on just one element of the bed, but the matching cloth headboard, bed skirt, and coverlet are too much. Somehow, the lipstick-red coverlet, fussy floral canopy, and thin decorative pillows make this bed look smaller than it actually is. We're not sure if this colonial-inspired bedspread is meant to look patriotic, or if it's actually left over from that time period. A Hawaiian bedspread only a grandmother could love.